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Tribal is a community of friendly people all trying to achieve the same goal; a healthful lifestyle. Experienced coaches will work closely alongside you to ensure you are aiming to achieve not only your competitive goals, but to be the healthiest being you can be. We understand the importance of health, and the ways in which the 21st century is diminishing that. Science is at the base of our understanding allowing us to individualise everyone’s training and provide the personal touch we all need.

You will be invited to weekly sessions that without fail will help you facilitate pain free movement, co-ordination, balance, metabolic conditioning and strength.

As a member, you will also receive unlimited access to our NEW and ever growing online platform. Here we store recordings of our online sessions, targeted functions where we focus on specific areas on the body for mobility, Tribal’s most valued health foundations and much more.

Join us today to get an online program where you are in control!

These sessions run on zoom by a qualified coach and last between 40 – 60 minutes.

The timetable is:

08:15am – Tribal Function Dailies
06:30pm – Tribal Movement Squad

08:15am – Tribal Function Dailies: Pilates
06:00pm – Tribal MetCon Squad

06:00pm – Tribal Movement Squad
06:45pm – Tribal Function Dailies

08:15am – Tribal Function Dailies

09:30am – Tribal Movement Squad

The online class membership price is £35 pcm.

We suggest you invest in the following equipment:
Foam Roller
Massage Ball
Peanut Massage Ball
Strong Stretching Band
A Weight (e.g. A small kettle bell)

Function Dailies:

Movement dictates the way we live – all day – everyday. We want you to move well, so you can move often. These function dailies sessions target progression in mobility, stability and motor control to set you up for a great day ahead.

Movement Squad:

At Movement Squad we challenge your symmetry, stabilisation and strength to build your strongest possible foundation. With well chosen exercises and individualised scaling, you’ll safely get the loading your body craves to drive to a new level of health & performance.

Met Con Squad:

Metabolic Conditioning is the scientific and targeted process of manipulating your energy systems for maximum benefit in minimum time. Develop your aerobic power and challenge your anaerobic system for great hormonal and structural development.

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