Please find below links to recorded Function Dailies sessions which facilitate pain free movement, co-ordination, balance and strength.

You will be coached through a series of soft tissue massage, mobility and strength exercises suitable for any ability.

Tribal’s top three simple health driven lifestyle interventions:
1. Hydrate:
Aim to drink 1 litre of pure water before eating or drinking anything else each day and total at least 0.033litres for each kg of your body weight daily. On days with this extreme heat or on days when you exercise and sweat heavily, aim to increase this amount.
2. Move:
Regular movement is key to energy, if you want to feel emotion its essential to have motion in your day. Have you tried tracking your step count? If so, do you have a daily goal that you aspire to? 10,000 steps daily is an often mentioned amount, but, really… A constant increase in your daily hour to hour movement is the goal, so, if you regularly take 3000 steps a day, a consistent elevation to 5000 steps is going to have a significant impact on your daily energy. Again, during these days of extreme heat, aim to taker an early morning stroll and a late evening stroll to take advantage of the cooler parts of the day.
3. Sleep:
Establishing a sleep routine of a regular bedtime and a regular wake up time does wonders for establishing your sleep: wake cycle. The cycle is the daily elevation and suppression of certain hormones at certain times, we are naturally wired to sleep when the sun goes in and wake when it rises. Quite often within modern life we live in contradiction to this most natural process and can end up distorting our hormonal balance and therefore making attaining high quality and a decent quantity of sleep impossible. During the hot days it can be difficult to drift off to sleep as you normally would. Here are three specific tips to help you with sleep during these times:
A. Consider air quality: Ventilate your bedroom so that you encourage air flow through the day.
B. Keep a window open during the night. The desirable room temperature for optimal sleep is 16-18 degrees, your body cools down to allow for rest sleep and the stated temperature helps to assist this rest. It can also be beneficial to take a cool or cold shower 1-2 hours before bed to start to moderate your body temperature.
C. Front load your hydration: As mentioned above, hydration is critical to the proper functioning of your biology. It is best to start early with your hydration so that instead of chasing a hydration target into the evening and leading to regular toilet wake ups during the night, you are able to sleep through not disturbing your sleep cycle.

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